Beautifull Hill in Yogyakarta as Heritage Place

One of the most distinguished special areas of the earth, namely the Special Region of Yogyakarta has become very iconic in the last few years. Because, not a few tourist destinations that can be said “veiled” one by one more and more widely known to the people of Indonesia, even the number of foreign tourists who visit increases every year. This can be an achievement especially for Jogja people who start to introduce tourist destinations in this special area to the people of Indonesia. In addition, the great advantage gained by the Indonesian government is the increasing number of tourist sites that can increase foreign exchange and improve local wisdom in the field of tourism.
Not a few tourist destinations in Jogja that has not been much ‘touched’ by the public at large. One of them is Bukit Paralayang. This hill is located in Giricahyo Village, Purwosari District, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region. More precisely, it is approximately 53 km from downtown Yogyakarta and can be reached within one hour. The original name of this hill is Bukit Gupit. There is a reason why this hill is called Bukit Paralayang. As the name implies, this hill is often used as a place for action paragliding by people who interest in the field of action. In addition to the right height, doing the action paragliding here has its own sensation because it will feel flying over the

beach. This is an attraction that many people in demand. Access to the hill is quite easy, if you have to pay admission Parangtritis Beach then no need to pay again. Distance from beach to hill only 3 km close enough when using private vehicle. To climb to the hill, the road is not too steep and still friendly for elderly people and children.

Hill located east of Parangtritis Beach is presenting a very beautiful view. Above this hill, we can see Parangtritis Beach with its charming waves. This place is perfect for the dusk lovers because here we can stare at the dusk at the same time the amazing coastal scenes reflect the colors of the evening sky in the afternoon that is often awaited by the community. Paragliding Hill also offers a quiet and peaceful and romantic atmosphere, making it perfect for couples who are in love. Interesting right?

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